The app is fully hosted in Paris area, under the Amazon Web Services "Cloud Serverless" architecture, distributed and duplicated in 3 remote Datacenters (eu-west-3). Amazon Web Services is the leader in Cloud hosting with a 41.5% market share in 2019 (more than the addition of Google, Microsoft, Rackspace and IBM altogether) and with clients such as Netflix, the NASA, the CIA, or simply the worldwide website.

All access are made via AWS CloudFront, which ensures security, strong availability and performance. No port is open/ necessary as all connections are secured via the HTTPS protocol.

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No data (database, executable code) is available from the outside, the system is inside a secured VPC, unique access keys and an IP address access control.

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Our solution can be tailored in order to use your domain names for our app.

Example : has to be created by your IT teams, which have to contact our services for the DNS configuration in the same time. If needed, the SSL certificate creation can be realized by our team (Issuer : Amazon) in collaboration with yours.

Service continuity (SLA)

Our platform ensures a 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement), as well as a 48hrs delay to solve any architecture error.

Status page :

Technical limit

If your IT infrastructure grants access to our production URL (, there is no limit to anticipate.

There is nonetheless the following quota (that can be raised on-demand) :